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Speak to the Class Teacher

We value your thoughts and ask you to keep in contact with us. We have an ‘open door policy’ which means that you can speak to the class teachers or teaching assistant at the end of any school day. Mrs Wood (Welfare and Wellbeing Co-ordinator) and Mrs Wilson (Family Inclusion Worker) are on the playground every morning and will be happy to help. Parents’ evenings are held twice a year – once in the autumn term and another in the spring.

Speak to the Head Teacher

As well as speaking to the class teacher, Mrs Downey will provide you with an overview of your child’s learning as well as talk about ways to support you and your child. We aim to treat all feedback sensitively and appropriately; your feedback is one of the ways we can keep getting better and better. Please speak to Mrs Kendal in the school office to make an appointment or you can email Mrs Downey directly at Dallam_primary_head@sch.warrington.gov.uk.

Put your views in writing

Every year, we send out a short survey for parents and carers, there is also an opportunity to complete this online. The survey is always focused on your thoughts on teaching, learning, behaviour and safety, and leadership. One of the most important sections for us as a school is your views. This helps us to understand what you feel we are getting right and what we need to do to improve further. In the past you told us that we needed to improve the range of after school clubs in school and to update the KS2 playground. We listened and  put in place a much wider range of after school clubs (see the after school clubs section tab on the website). These change each term. We have also completed the redevelopment of the KS2 playground and are about to complete the redevelopment of the KS1 playground to cater for all pupils with football and multi-activity areas as well as a trim trail, stage, quiet area and wildlife area.

Don’t wait until the annual survey, though! If you’ve got some feedback for us, we’d like to hear from you.

You could send us an email dallam_primary@sch.warrington.gov.uk or a short note. The office will be happy to help you with this. Mrs Downey or one of the senior leaders aim to respond to every email personally.

Look out for our communications

Every Friday Mrs Downey writes the weekly newsletter. This contains important information about what is going on this week, the children who are in Mrs Downey’s Book of Excellence and will be celebrated in Monday’s assembly and other school wide news. Your questions, comments or concerns are often answered in our communications. We send the newsletter every Friday on ParentMail and it is also available on the website. 

Make a complaint

Complaints are rare at Dallam Primary, we have some of the most dedicated staff who are nearly always available; it’s easy to have a quick chat with teachers or the Head Teacher so most concerns or complaints are dealt with quickly. However, if parents feel that they need to make a formal complaint, it should be made in writing to the Head Teacher, who will investigate and give a response within ten days. If parents remain dissatisfied, they can appeal to the Chair of Governors. The case will then be reviewed by a Governors’ Panel and a final response given within twenty days. A copy of the Local Authority’s Complaints Procedure and any other documentation to which parents may require access is available on the website in the policy section or from the school office.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us

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