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‘Dallam Primary is a school where pupils thrive’  - Ofsted

This Week's News

School Value: Respect

Welcome back to the new school year at Dallam Primary School!

The children have come back to school looking very smart in their new school uniforms and they have immediately settled into the school routine.

2017-2018 was another great year for Dallam Primary. We had a visit from OFSTED in November where the outcome was very positive; only one action point - to embed the curriculum started in September. The children worked extremely hard and achieved well across school and particularly well at the end of KS2 80% of mainstream children attained the national standard in reading, writing and maths – brilliant!

Children had more opportunities to try different experiences as we launched the Dallam Curriculum; we asked what they wanted and built the Dallam Bike Track and walked the Daily Mile. Most importantly, children and parents said that children feel safe at Dallam Primary that they make good progress in lessons and that behaviour is good.


Priorities for 2018-2019

We are never satisfied and this year we want to get even better!

•          Project work – we want to embed the curriculum brought in last year – this is our only action point from OFSTED

•          Writing – across school children say that they love maths and we want more children to shout about their writing skills

•          Keeping healthy – we want children to make informed choices about eating healthily, keeping themselves fit and staying safe (including looking after their well-being)


Your help is valued:

•          Ensure that your child is in school on time every day wherever possible

•          Work with your child to complete their homework: Reading Champions and Maths

•          Read with your child as often as you can. Take your child to the library and share stories as well as encouraging them to choose their own variety of books

•          Attend Parent Open mornings and evenings and talk to your child about what they enjoy and the progress they are making. The first Parent Open sessions are in week starting 17th September; your child’s class teacher will send home an invitation with the date and time next week

•          Read the Class Project letter with your child that will be sent home today; if you think you can contribute anything, let your child’s teacher know

•          Support your child to use number skills at home – encourage him or her to add up prices of things when you go shopping and get younger children to look for numbers when you are out and about

•          Help your child to sign up for the after school clubs and ensure that they commit every week. These have been organised following a consultation with children and parents

•          Talk to us if you have a concern about your child sooner rather than later


Have your say…

Your views are important to us. We are always keen to hear your questions, comments and concerns. There are a number of ways that you can do this; speak to a member of staff on the playground in the morning, speak to your child’s class teacher, speak to me or put your thoughts in a letter. I will try to reply to all queries as soon as possible.


Reminder of our School Golden Essentials and PALS points:

These are the rules that were written with the children to keep our school a safe and happy place to learn:

•          I do as I am asked first time

•          I listen well

•          I work well with others

•          I always do the best I can


Pupils are rewarded for behaviour towards these rules with PALS points (positive attitude to learning points).

100 PALS = Dallam yellow badge

200 PALS = Dallam green badge

300 PALS = Dallam red badge

400 PALS= Deputy Head Teacher’s badge

500 PALS = Head Teacher’s gold badge

600 PALS = Chair of Governors 3 star badge

These are awarded in our Monday Celebration Assembly and are recorded in my ‘Book of Excellence.’

We will reward 2 children from each class for outstanding behaviour each week by making a phone call or text, or sending a postcard home to tell parents or carers of their child’s brilliant behaviour.

I look forward to celebrating your child’s achievements over this year – our first celebration assembly of the term will be Monday 17th September.


As always, to keep up-to-date with all events follow us on twitter @dallamprimary


Uniform Update

We now provide an online uniform shop where you can order uniform to be delivered to school. Any items ordered through the online shop can have the child's name sewn into each garment free of charge. We are still selling uniform from the school office if you prefer to call in and try items on.

Click on the link below to visit our NEW online uniform shop.


Radio Dallam - Latest

Click below to tune into our very own School Radio 'Dallam FM' or visit our Dallam FM page for more information.

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How to find us


Boulting Avenue,



Tel. 01925 633927

If you have any queries please contact Mrs Kendal (our School Business Manager) on the contact number above.

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