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Eco Warriors

Eco Schools is an award program that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of School life. To learn more visit www.keepbritaintidy.org

Forest Fun

During Spring 1 we learnt to identify leaves. We are getting really good at recognising different types of leaves now. We made clay faces in the forest and moulded then to our favourite trees the clay felt really funny cold, wet and soft. When we had made our oval face we added twigs, berries, leaves, fruit and stones to complete our faces.They looked amazing. Our faces will look after our trees during the half term holiday.  To finish we had hot chocolate and buns under our trees in the woodland. We had a great time!


Eco Projects 2016/2017


We have achieved our Silver Eco-Schools award and we have already created an action plan to try and achieve the Green Flag award for this year. One of our main objectives is to embed the new recycle system in school and to develop the new allotment area where we can grow fruit and vegetables and sustain our raised beds.

Eco Warriors meet every Wednesday from 3.20pm until 4.15pm in Treetops with Mrs Wood

Each class elects a representative for Eco-Warriors. The Eco-Warriors have an active role in school. They raise our awareness about sustainability and encourage everyone to be good at recycling and saving energy. We encourage good habits for the future.

We are currently developing our recycling systems in school and also making syrine driver bags from end of roll fabric which would normally be thrown away. Once these bags are finished we will be giving the to St Roccos Hospice for people who need them. Watch this space for our finished products.

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