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Hi! everyone and welcome to Dallam Schools Podcast web page.

We are going to be doing a class led Podcast each week, so each class will let us know what projects they are working on and news from around the school. Its our way of letting you in on the inside scoop.

So sit back, relax and get ready to listen to our upcoming shows.

Please find our outgoing Year 6 classes leaving Podcast below

We wish them all the luck in the world at their new hi






Enjoy our new format and please let us know what you think!




Our latest shows are below, please have a listen:

Rowan 24-03-22.mp3Maple-Th31-03-22.mp3Cedar-Th28-04-22.mp3Ash-Th05-05-22.mp3Sycamore-Th12-05-22.mp3Willow-Th26-05-22.mp3Olive-Th23-06-22.mp3Cherry-Th07-07-22.mp3

We at Dallam CP School are enjoying planning and producing our own Podcast. We are learning new skills and building our confidence.

Below are some of the skills that we have learnt about producing a show:

  • How to conduct ourselves in a radio studio
  • safety rules
  • operate a radio desk
  • plan and produce a whole show

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