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Welcome to Seedlings Class

Our two year olds begin their school journey in Seedlings class. Seedlings classroom is equipped to meet the specific needs of our two year olds. In our classroom you will find: 

Miss Bradley (key worker)
Mrs Arnold (key worker)
Miss Downs (Class Teacher)

Rachel Downs(1)

Miss Downs - Class Teacher


Spring term

This half term we are starting to think about the world around us. We will be exploring our outdoor area as well as area's in the 'big school' such as the forest and the pond. We will be using the story 'Were going on a bear hunt' as a hook as we explore grass, water, ice, mud and leaves. 

This is a good time of year for Understanding the World which is one of are areas in development matters. We will be putting on our puddle suits and going outside, splashing in puddles, running through the rain and digging in the mud. Our teachers will be giving us lots of opportunities for physical development; taking us to areas where we can climb, making marks outside so we can use big movements and partaking in funky finger activities such as ribbon dancing. 

What We Do Each Day

Children have plenty of time to play each day. This gives them plenty of opportunity to explore the world around them, problem solve, make their own choices, develop social skills and much more. Our two year olds love to spend time outdoors where they can be active whilst exploring the environment. Each day, we spend time doing small group activities that help us develop important life skills such as how to get along with others, how to communicate effectively and how to become confident. We love to express ourselves through messy activities, songs, music and stories.

We change book bags on a Wednesday. 


Key Worker System

Key workers develop close relationships with children and their families to make sure needs are met and that children are able to make good progress. They help children to work towards their next steps and record their progress in their learning journey books. Key workers maintain a calm and nurturing environment for children to flourish. 

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