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Welcome to Rowan Class

Rowan Class

Summer 2019

Our team is:

  • Mrs Read (Class teacher and Key Stage 1 leader)
  • Mrs Sherlock (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Jenkins (Teaching Assistant) - Thursday and Friday

A very warm welcome back to school everyone!

We hope that you have had a super summer break and are ready for a fabulous term of learning.

This term our project question is:

‘Why do we remember some people from the past more than others?’

We will be learning about and comparing hospitals in the past and in the present.  We are asking the children to think about why we remember Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale  The children will be by researching and finding out facts about these significant people and the events surrounding their lives.  Our project will work towards a comparison of the lives of both of these women in history and how they are remembered.  You can help your child at home by finding out facts about the Crimean war, nursing in the past/present and the lives of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.  We always love it when children bring in work that they have done at home to help our project!


In our English lessons we will be sharing the classic stories of ‘Rainbow  Fish’ by our class author Marcus Pfister.  Here we will learn about friendships, courage and loyalty.   We will write diary entries and our own story in the style of Rainbow Fish.  National Poetry Day is in October, so we will be enjoying exploring and performing lots of poems this term too.

Maths work will involve strengthening our understanding of the four operations, place value and counting in different steps.


This term we will be focussing on the four operations, where we build on adding and subtracting and by Christmas introduce multiplication and division.  As always, problem solving and reasoning about numbers will play a big part in our maths lessons.


Our science work this term involves life cycles, healthy living and hygiene.



The main focus of children’s homework is reading regularly and practising maths passport challenges.  Your child will also bring home a homework book every Friday which will link to spelling, grammar, handwriting or maths.

Animals Take Over Rainforest Animal Workshop


Mrs Read - Class Teacher / KS1 Leader


We love reading in Year 2, and hope that you  can promote this at home by sharing a book as often as possible with your child.   The children change their own books when they come into school in the morning.  Your child’s home reading book should be at a level where they can read the majority of the words easily.  Home reading is ideally a time for children to improve fluency, gain pleasure from reading and talk to an adult about what they have read.  We check books thoroughly every Wednesday to find out who our reading champions are for the newsletter.  However, they need their reading champions book in every day as we do a quick check every morning, and it can help us to keep up good communication with yourselves.  Your child will do guided reading with us at least three times a week, and some children will carry on with phonic sessions.  We will also be doing comprehension work, so the more questions that you ask your child about what they are reading at home, the more this will help them to answer written comprehension in school. 

Maths Passports test every Friday

As you all know from Year 1, maths passport work is very important for children’s rapid recall of number facts and helps them in all areas of maths.  On Fridays, we test and set a new challenge for the following week.  The challenge will be written in your child’s Mad About Maths book and we will practise for a short time every day.  Maths passport is part of your child’s homework; please remember to sign your child’s book every time they practise at home so that they can work towards being a maths passport champion.

Spellings and Handwriting
As children get older they progress from writing using purely phonics (how a word sounds) and begin to use their knowledge of spelling patterns and common exception words.   The children will be taught a spelling rule for the week and will have chance to practise their spellings in our morning 4-a-day work and homework.  You will also notice an emphasis on moving to a cursive style of handwriting in preparation for joining.


African Style Art, Shrove Tuesday and World Book Day



We have been using Singapore maths to help us improve our calcualtion skills.  Look how good we are at explaining our methods!

DSC04398(2)rowan 125



On National Poetry day we were lucky to invite Terry Caffrey in to share some of his poems and help us to write our own.  Our theme is 'friendship' and we have created our own lovely friendship poem, which we performed  beautifully for the rest of the school in our poetry assembly.


Pets at Home

We were joined by some furry friends from pets at home.  The staff showed us how to take care of hamsters and guinea pigs, and told us what it is like to work with pets.

Nick the Explorer

Nick the explorer showed us how to keep safe when navigating difficult terrain, and how to read maps.  He brought in some super equipment for us to examine.



Dr Baird, the engineer, talked about different materials and their uses.  We were surprised how heavy or light they were.  He also told us that his favourite shape is a triangle.  We are going to investigate why. 



Rainbow Fish inspired art.


What's Cooking?



Planning our Bridges

We have been looking at photographs of bridges to spot the different shapes so that we can plan our own bridges.


Planning our Bridges

Joining and strengthening materials has been important too.


Making our Bridges

We made our bridges and  tested them by adding 10g weights.  We found out who had made the strongest bridge and then talked bout how we could improve our own design.

rowan 182

This bridge held 220g!

rowan 177(2)

Norton Priory

What a fantastic time we all had!  All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves during their action packed journey into the past.  In the morning, the children helped to get the Victorian house ready, playing the parts of servants to Lord and Lady Brooke.  Who knew we had such fabulous cooks and cleaners? Then it was time to join in some Victorain parlour games and decorate the Chrismas tree. Later in the day, the children decorated gingerbread men, made crowns and went on a Christmas stocking treasure trail.  The children's behaviour was impecable which further helped to make our trip a huge success.  Well done Rowan Class your teachers are very proud of you!

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