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Welcome to Rowan Class

Spring Term Curriculum

A very warm welcome back to school everyone!

This term our project question is:

‘Do we always appreciate what we have got?’

This term we will be asking ‘Do we always appreciate what we have got?’ which will focus on habitats and environmental issues.   Through our project, we will study the rainforests, learning about who lives in rainforest, comparing it with Dallma and discuss deforestation. We will use the book ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry to show empathy and understanding of our environment.   Our project will culminate in a report about issues in the rainforest, and how important the rainforest habitat is to the world. 

In science, we will be learning about animals in their habitats at home and around the world.  By thinking about how different animals are suited to different habitats we will explore similarities and differences between organisms.  We will be paying special attention to meerkats when we share ‘Meerkat Mail’ by Emily Gravett in our English lessons.  Our class will also research a variety of animals, write non-chronological reports and show how we can protect our local habitats. 

Our STEM project will be making bug houses and we will be movable scenes using levers and sliders.



We have been delighted by how hard the children have worked in maths lessons so far this year, and with their weekly challenges.  They are in a great position with their calculation strategies and their knowledge of small number facts.  We will keep using these skills in ur daily maths lessons as the children begin to work with bigger numbers and more complex strategies.  

Money, fractions and time

This term we will focus on the children knowing the value of all coins and notes.  We will be identifying fractions and telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes on an analogue clock.  We will send homework to help you support your child at home with this.


Mrs Read - Class Teacher / KS1 Leader

Mrs Marsland Monday-Wednesday (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Jenkins Thursday-Friday (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Sherlock (Teaching Assistant)

Class Author

Our class author for this term is Emily Gravett who wrote Meerkat Mail and lots of other wonderful books where animals are the main character. 

Class Novel

We will be sharing Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl.  A classic story that never fails to be enjoyed by Year 2 children!


There will be lots of opportunities for us to enjoy writing for different audiences this term, in English lessons, and throughout the curriculum.  Our targets will be to use a variety of conjunctions and begin to write different sentence types (questions, command, exclamation and statement).


Please can we keep up the great practice from Autumn term, changing home reading books as often as possible, and reading regularly.  In lessons, we will be doing more written comprehension work, so, as ever, the more questions that you ask your child about what they are reading at home, the more this will help them to answer questions in school. This is particularly valuable as we make preparations towards SATS in the Summer term.


Spellings will continue to be given out and tested every Friday. Thank you for your continued support with this.

Maths weekly challenges

As you all know, maths fluency work is very important for children’s rapid recall of number facts which helps them in all areas of maths. The children will continue to work on multiplication facts for 2. 5 and 10 times tables. They will also be securing strategies for adding and subtracting two digit numbers, alongside keeping their knowledge of small number facts sharp.


Rowan Class have PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Please make sure that your child has their full kit in school.  

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