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Autumn 2017


Our theme is ‘How could we let people know about events in the past?’ where we will be learning about a very special lady called Florence Nightingale.  Autumn term is about thinking how we can care for each other on the inside and the outside.  In English we will share stories about friendship and making the right choices. Our science work will involve looking at how to keep healthy and how important it is to keep clean.  There will be lots of visitors coming into class to help us learn.  As we begin to research Florence Nightingale, hopefully we will become the experts and be able to tell our visitors how important her work was.

We had a visit from a nurse called Sonia today.

Nurse Sonia told us all about how she helps people to get better at her drop-in centre in Liverpool.  We asked her super questions like; Can you take a patient's temperature? Do you work at night? Do you give medicine to the patients? Do you like your job?

Sonia showed us lots of different equipment that she uses in her job and explained how it is really important to keep clean and look after our health. 

Thank you for coming to see our amazing writing. It was great to see you all. We are so proud of our work!


Mrs Read - Class Teacher / KS1 Leader

Reading Books

What fabulous readers we have in Rowan Class this year! We have been very impressed so far. The children have been doing a great job at changing their books when they come into school in the morning and reading regularly.  Please let us know if you need any support with reading books, it is a particular passion of ours and we are always keen to help.

Maths Passports

This year, we are trying to carry on the routine that the children had in year 1 where they are given a personalised target and a day for their progress to be checked. The Year 1 team have passed on their target from last year so we are hoping for a smooth transition this September.  Maths passport work is very important for children’s rapid recall of number facts which helps them in all areas of maths. Thank you for your continued support with this.

Spellings and Handwriting

The children have taken to their new routine for spellings and handwriting very well so far.  They come into school very calmly and set about their English 4-a-day in a very settled manner. There is a weekly theme for spellings which they practise in the mornings and there will be spellings homework set periodically alongside other home learning tasks.


Today we learned about how to look after our teeth. Marion Stockton from NHS Oral Heath showed us the best way to clean our teeth, and which food and drinks to avoid.

'Was The Titanic longer or shorter than our field?

We measured our school field and found, to our amazement, that it was at least 100 metres longer!

'Who sailed on The Titanic?'

We turned our classroom into The Titanic and we sailed in either first, second or third class. We chose to research individuals to find out why they were travelling on The Titanic and what their lives were like.



Trip to The Maritime Museum

What an amazing time we had!

First of all we learned about seaside holidays in the past, then we looked around the Titanic exhibition and then we ended the day with a fantastic performance of Polar the Titanic Bear where we were the cast!

Dinosaur Day


We spent our afternoon on an orienteering exercise. We pieced together a jigsaw of a dinosaur using our fantastic position and direction skills.


Science - Living Things

Look who came to visit us!

How do butterflies see? Can you describe the life cycle of a butterfly? How does a butterfly's proboscis work? Can you tell an interesting butterfly fact?


'How much of an iceberg is under water?'

After weeks of nurture, it was time to set our butterflies free..

PE Kits

PE is on Monday and Wednesday. Please make sure that your child has kit in on these days; this should be a blue Dallam T-Shirt, black shorts and trainers - as we will be outside in the warmer weather. (black pumps when PE is indoors)

Water Bottles

For their own comfort and to help learning, children need a water bottle in school everyday. 

Home Learning

Reading Champions

Children are encoraged to change their own books as soon as they come into school in the morning.We will check the books every Wednesday so that we can keep good communiction with yourselves and celebrate success with ceritficates.

Maths Passports

Maths passport challenges will be checked every Wednesday.  The challenges are to improve rapid recall of basic mental maths that will form the foundations for our learning in lessons.

Reading Champions and Maths Passport challenges form an extremely important part of the children's home learning. In addition to this, weekly tasks and spellings will be sent home to be returned on Tuesdays.  Thank you for your support.

Spring Term - Where would you like to live, Africa or England?

Do we know all of the animals in Africa? Are they the same as in England? 

Are there different kinds of houses in Africa? How far away is Africa? Is it always hot?

We are also learning an African song and playing African style percussion instruments. Our artist for this term is Martin Bulynia; take a look at the amazing paintings that we created in the photographs below.

This week, we were lucky to have a visit from an Africa expert to help us compare England to South Africa.

DSC09779We have had such fun sharing Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett and we now know a lot about these interesting little creatures.  The children have written in role as Sunny, recounted the story, written a report and retold the story with Warrington as the setting. Although in lots of our work, Sunny didn't like Warrington because it was far too cold for him! Next we will be writing traditional tales featuring Sunny and the sneaky jackal.



In maths we have been exploring measures, fractions and learning to tell the time on an analogue clock. Recalling number facts is still continuing to be important and we are practising daily in class.






African Style Art, Shrove Tuesday and World Book Day



We have been using Singapore maths to help us improve our calcualtion skills.  Look how good we are at explaining our methods!

DSC04398(2)rowan 125



On National Poetry day we were lucky to invite Terry Caffrey in to share some of his poems and help us to write our own.  Our theme is 'friendship' and we have created our own lovely friendship poem, which we performed  beautifully for the rest of the school in our poetry assembly.


Pets at Home

We were joined by some furry friends from pets at home.  The staff showed us how to take care of hamsters and guinea pigs, and told us what it is like to work with pets.

Nick the Explorer

Nick the explorer showed us how to keep safe when navigating difficult terrain, and how to read maps.  He brought in some super equipment for us to examine.



Dr Baird, the engineer, talked about different materials and their uses.  We were surprised how heavy or light they were.  He also told us that his favourite shape is a triangle.  We are going to investigate why. 



Rainbow Fish inspired art.


What's Cooking?



Planning our Bridges

We have been looking at photographs of bridges to spot the different shapes so that we can plan our own bridges.


Planning our Bridges

Joining and strengthening materials has been important too.


Making our Bridges

We made our bridges and  tested them by adding 10g weights.  We found out who had made the strongest bridge and then talked bout how we could improve our own design.

rowan 182

This bridge held 220g!

rowan 177(2)

Norton Priory

What a fantastic time we all had!  All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves during their action packed journey into the past.  In the morning, the children helped to get the Victorian house ready, playing the parts of servants to Lord and Lady Brooke.  Who knew we had such fabulous cooks and cleaners? Then it was time to join in some Victorain parlour games and decorate the Chrismas tree. Later in the day, the children decorated gingerbread men, made crowns and went on a Christmas stocking treasure trail.  The children's behaviour was impecable which further helped to make our trip a huge success.  Well done Rowan Class your teachers are very proud of you!

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