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Welcome to Olive Class

During the Summer term, our learning question will be, 'Does the Camera ever lie?'. The children will have a creative focus this term in which they will learn about photography, printing, collages, artists as well as multimedia and dance. The children have the opportunity to work with BCA's art team as well as a dance expert during their PE sessins on Tuesdays. 

Some of the questions the children want to find out about are:

How can a camera lie? 

What if a photo is just edited ?

Do cameras always lie?

How do cameras actually lie?

Does a camera always show evidence?

Can a camera see things which we cannot?


Adventure Day 2019

Have a look at some of our best bits from our adventure day with Active Hope.

Useful Information

PE sessions are on a Tuesday and Wednesday each week. Please ensure that full PE kits are in school every week.

Spelling lists go home every other Monday, ready for a spelling test every other Friday.

Mad about Maths challenges are updated  biweekly.

Homework will go out on a Monday and it is to be returned on the following Friday, giving the children 2 weeks to complete it.

Reading logs are checked each day. Please make sure that these are in school every day. Remember in Year 5, children are expected to read every day! 

Please support your child by ensuring they complete all their homework tasks and hand them in on Fridays.


The children in Olive Class loved working alongside an enginner last term. They helped to design and make water filters for a Syrian Refugee Camp. 



 This half term we will be focusing  on Report writing as well as poetry. We will use the book, 'A Highway Man',  to enhance learning, along with teaching the skills that are needed for the children to independently write their own poems.

The children will continue to learn a range of grammar skills. This half term they will focus on generalisers and metaphors.

The children will continue to have a big push on spellings this term. Use this website to help your child at home.





We will be working on angles. We learn how to use a protractor, draw angles, finding missing angles on a straight line and round a point.

They will then be applying these skills to more complex problems. Use the link below to practise using a protractor to measure angles.


Click on the link below to find thousands of problems for your children to solve at home.



Also we will improve our speed and fluency with mental maths. Remember to choose a challenge from your maths passport to practise every week to help improve your mental maths skills.

Here are some links for games to help improve your mental maths skills.

Push the Button - times tables, doubles and halves and number bonds.

Loop Cards - addition and subtraction facts, doubles and halves and times tables.

Woodlands Junior - lots of different maths games to improve your mental maths.



During the Summer term, our learning question will be, Does the Camera ever lie? 

This will give us the opportunity to be flexible, work towards a goal as well as organise time and resources. The project has a strong focus on the arts where there will be a focus particularly on music, dance and visual arts. Our project will begin with the launch of our very own photography booth, which we have in Olive Class. We will be working with BCA to enhance our understanding of the visual arts, including appreciating the work of Peter Lik.  Our music lessons will help us to understand how music can affect how we feel and the key messages we can take from music, we will be focusing on Jessie J-How you are! A dance tutor will be visiting us every Tuesday to create a performance piece for the end of summer whole school event.

In Science, the children will be learning about Living things and looking at life cycles.


RE- Sikhism 








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