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Welcome to Olive Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Parfrey

Welcome to Year 5! I hope you have all had a wonderful summer holiday and are ready for some really exciting learning this term.

During the autumn term, our project question is “Did people from the past just disappear?” with a focus on the Mayas in History, and in Science we’ll be exploring Earth and Space. We encourage you to explore this project at home with your child. Some example activities that you could do to support them with their learning are:

  • Make a model of a space rocket or the solar system.
  • Visit the local library and find some non-fiction books about Space or the Mayas. Can you find any interesting facts to bring back to class?

Click the picture of Chichen Itza to get your learning off to a head start!


Chichen Itza




In English, we will be responding to the book “There’s a Boy in a Girls’ Bathroom” by Louis Sachar. We will be focusing on using a range of sentence structures including subordinating conjunctions, expanded noun phrases and relative clauses. As well as this, we will be reading the book as part of our guided reading sessions.

There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar | Waterstones

Use this website at home to help your child with their grammar skills.......


... and this one for spelling practice.




In Maths, we will start by looking at place value then move onto exploring strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, both mental and written, and looking at calculating with decimal numbers.

Click on the link below to find thousands of problems for your children to solve at home.


Here are some links for games to help improve your mental maths skills.

Push the Button - times tables, doubles and halves and number bonds.

Loop Cards - addition and subtraction facts, doubles and halves and times tables.

Woodlands Junior - lots of different maths games to improve your mental maths.

Remember to keep practicing your times tables every night, can Olive class top the Dallam Premier League on TT Rockstars?




During the Autumn term we will be asking "Did people from the past just disappear?"

We'll be finding out

  • where and when the Maya lived
  • how their houses compared with houses in Britain at the same time
  • what daily life was like
  • what happened to their civilisation - did they just disappear?

Science-Earth and Space

We'll be asking does the sun move around the Earth or the Earth move around the sun and finding out more about the planets in our Solar System.  How many of the planets can you name?  Do you know any interesting facts about them?


Useful Information

PE will be on a Wednesday and Thursday each week. Please ensure that your child’s full PE kit (a blue Dallam PE polo shirt, black shorts and trainers) are in school every week.  Black tracksuit bottoms may be worn in winter.

Please send a water bottle into school with your child each day so that they can have a drink during the day.

Times tables are to be done each school night (5 nights per week) and record books signed.

Homework will go out on a Friday and it is to be returned on the following Friday, giving the children 1 week to complete it. This homework should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Reading records to be signed each time you read or log onto Oxford Reading Buddy. Please make sure that these are in school every Friday. Remember in Year 5, children are expected to read every day.

Please support your child by ensuring they complete all their homework tasks.

Additional Information

As well as their set homework, you can also help your child by encouraging them to use Oxford Reading Buddy, TT Rockstars, Purple Mash and any of the other websites listed below to help enhance their learning. 

Oxford Reading Buddy

Sign In | Oxford Reading Buddy (oup.com)

TT Rockstars


Purple Mash


Spelling Training


Times Table Games


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