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Our project for the summer term is “How did the Victorians Change the World?”, in particular we will be learning about the industrial revolution and its impact on Warrington and the wider world.

The project has a strong focus on history which will be enhanced by our learning in art, music and dance to help us to understand how the past changed the area in which we live. We will be also be exploring artists and musicians through this project as well as creating a dance to showcase our learning.

 To get a headstart on your learning, click on the images below to find out more information about our new project.


Knowledge Organiser for this project:

Summer Term 1 Class Author

David Almond 

British author David Almond has written many novels for children and young adults from 1998, each one receiving critical acclaim. He is one of thirty children's writers, and one of three from the UK, to win the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award




In English, we will be writing a different genre each week based on a short film called ‘Little Freak’. Here is the link so the children can watch it at home too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INHVxA-rM48&t=1s Once the children have watched the video we will we writing narratives, descriptions of the setting and characters, poetry, a diary entry and a persuasive letter. The children will apply a range of grammar skills they have been taught to these independent pieces which form part of their writing assessments.  Throughout all our writing tasks, the importance of editing and improving our work will remain a key feature of our learning. After Easter, we will continue with a structured revision programme to make sure that we are ready to achieve our very best in the SATs in May.


In maths, we will keep our strong focus on reasoning and problem solving as we extend our learning to include angles, shape and statistics. We have been practising our arithmetic skills regularly since September and will now challenge ourselves to score as highly as possible in weekly tests.  As with English, we will continue a structured, rigorous revision programme so that we can tackle our SATs with confidence and skill.



In science, we will be learning about animals including humans over the term. The focus will be on the human circulatory system. The children will research how the heart works and will actually make blood during their lessons. As well as this the children will look at the importance of diet and exercise on the human body and how some choices impact the way our body functions. The famous scientist that we will learn about this term is William Harvey.

Things to remember:

Important things to remember:


  • PE lessons will be on a Tuesday andWednesday. Children need a full kit and a change of suitable footwear which they should keep in school every day.


  • On Monday we will set a piece of English homework.
  • On Wednesday we will set a piece of maths homework.
  • In Year 6 we are keen to develop good habits for high school so homework is always due in the day after it is set. Year 6 children have special study and workbooks for homework tasks. Children are expected to look after these books and bring them to school every day. Work in these books should be completed in pencil or pen and should be neatly presented.

  • In addition to this homework, we are also expected to practise our reading and number skills daily. Just like in every other year group, we need to have our reading records  books signed every day.

Important dates:

  • SATs week begins on Monday 9th May 2022. The children will have tests on the mornings of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of that week. Please make sure that these dates are in your diary.
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