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Here are some general pointers to help you and your child:

  • Please listen to your child read for around 5 minutes every night and ask questions afterwards or let them complete a Reading Plus sesson independently.
  • Ensure your child brings their book bag containing their reading and home-link books to school every day.
  • PE kits are to be kept in school each week and taken home half-termly for washing.

Ms McIntyre - Class Teacher

Teaching assistants:

 Mrs Conroy and Miss Moran

Summer term project 2021


Our combined history and DT project for the Summer term will be:

How Did The Victorians Change the World?

We would like to encourage you to explore this project at home with your child. Some example activities that you could do at home to support your child’s learning are:

  • Research Victorian automata toys (we will be making one in DT lessons)
  • Find out how railways have changed since Victorian times
  • Choose a Victorian invention and compare it with a modern version (e.g. the telephone)



  • Writing a non-chronological text
  • Using adverbs for addition e.g. also.
  • Using adverbs for cause e.g. therefore.
  • Using subordination to express time and cause e.g. when, before, after,  so that.
  • Writing a mystery story
  • Using a range of adverbs e.g. later, tomorrow and adverbial phrases for time e.g. a moment later, after lunch
  • Using dialogue  
  • Showing how characters are feeling by describing their actions.


  • Mental maths skills (including number bonds/times tables)
  • Time
  • Fractions
  • Interpreting graphs




  • Properties of light
  • Animals including humans (circulatory system)


  • Using historical sources to find out about the Victorian period

  • Researching which famous inventions came from the Victorian period

  • Learning how  Victorian Britain was changed by the Industrial Revolution


  • Making a working Automata toy
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