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Welcome to Cherry Class

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Here are some general pointers to help you and your child:

  • Please listen to your child read for around 5 minutes every night and ask questions afterwards or let them complete a Reading Plus sesson independently.
  • Help them to practise for their weekly Maths Passport test and relevant times tables.
  • Ensure your child brings their book bag containing their reading and home-link books to school every day.
  • PE kits are to be kept in school each week and taken home half-termly for washing.

Ms McIntyre - Class Teacher

Teaching assistants:

 Mrs Conroy and Miss Moran

Summer term project

Our question for Summer is 'Is it better to fit in or stand out?'

We will be using different art techniques and styles (such as collograph prints, monoprints and batik) to create pictures of animals and insects that use methods of camouflage. We will also look at optical illusions created through art and will visit an ‘opti-art’ exhibition at Tate Liverpool on 30th April with Sycamore class.



What do you think of one of our animations of Theseus and the Minotaur from our Autumn term project, 'What makes a great story?'



  • Persuasion text features
  • Instruction text features
  • Comparative and superlative adjectives
  • Apostrophes to show singular possession
  • Adverbs of manner and place


  • Mental maths skills (including number bonds / times tables)
  • Fractions
  • Angles
  • 3D shape
  • Money


  • Electricity
  • Sound


  • Drawing objects with depth
  • Painting (creating effects using different textures) 
  • Collage (overlapping and layering to create images)
  • Textiles (stitching to create textural effects)


  • Representing data in graphical form
  • Presenting information


  • Singing skills

Friendship skills

  • Making friends
  • Dealing with 'fallings out'
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