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Here are some general pointers to help you and your child:

  • Please listen to your child read for around 5 minutes every night and ask questions afterwards or let them complete a Reading Plus sesson independently.
  • Ensure your child brings their book bag containing their reading and home-link books to school every day.
  • PE kits are to be kept in school each week and taken home half-termly for washing.

Ms McIntyre - Class Teacher

Teaching assistants:

 Mrs Conroy and Miss Moran

Spring term project 2021


Our geography project for the Spring term will be,

Does Adversity Always Make You Stronger?

We would like to encourage you to explore this project at home with your child. Some example activities that you could do at home to support your child’s learning are:

• Research the life of a person who has thrived despite difficulties (e.g. Stephen Hawking).

• Find out about a famous natural disaster (e.g.  Indian Ocean Tsunami, 2004 / Hurricane Katrina, 2005).

• Make your own erupting volcano!

• Design your own map (e.g. your house or local park) using symbols. 



  •  Recount texts 
  • Use subordination to express time and cause e.g. when, before, after, while/ because, so that.
  •  Adding detail to support arguments
  •  Writing in the third person
  • Using the correct conjunction (e.g. therefore, however).
  • Suspense stories
  • Short sentences for effect
  • Describing settings 
  • Showing how characters are feeling by describing their actions.


  • Mental maths skills (including number bonds/times tables)
  • Time
  • Fractions
  • Interpreting graphs


Please click on the documents below to see the key planners for science this year.



  • Electricity
  • Evolution and Inheritance


  • Natural disasters (volcanoes and earthquakes)
  • Map skills (Symbols and compass points)
  • UK major cities and mountain ranges
  • Designing a flood proof house (STEM activity)


  • Using basic algorithms to design a maze

Friendship skills

  • How can you be a  good friend?
  • What can you do to make new friends?
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