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Welcome to Cedar Class (Year 1)

Our Project this term

This term we will be geographers. We will be discovering what it is like to live in Dallam and where Dallam fits within the wider world. This term we will be geographers. We will be discovering what it is like to live in Dallam and where Dallam fits within the wider world. 

Our project will begin with looking at our school within Dallam and what we like about it. We will using map skills to draw our journey to school and some of the buildings and landmarks we pass on the way. We will then be thinking about where is Dallam within the UK, learning how to use globes and atlases. We will also be thinking about the types of houses and homes there are in Dallam and the type of house I live in.  

As part of our project we will be going on a local walk around Dallam to look for human and physical features within and around. We will be completing surveys to find out what my family and friends think about Dallam. After we have located Dallam within the UK, next we will be thinking about the wider world and the seven continents. 

Everyday in Cedar Class........

4 A Day Maths

Every morning the children will be continuing with their maths challenges, helping them to develop number fluency. We will now be looking at solving missing number problems with addition and subtraction, eg: 5 + ........ = 10.  They will continue to use their everday maths learning and strategies to help them solve the answers. The children have now moved onto 4 maths challenges, using bigger numbers.  Children must continue to work on their maths passport. This will have their individual maths targets in, which they must practice at home to help them become fluent with their numbers. Once they have achieved each stage they will receive a special mention on the newsletter. It is very important that the childen learn their maths targets as they will be using them everyday in school. 

Phonics and Talk for Writing

In English some of us will be coming off the RWI program and will be starting to explore a wider range of texts using Talk For Writing. This is where we get to explore different texts through drama, role play, making story maps and recreating our own versions of stories which are familiar to us. We will be focusing on helping us to become more fluent readers and writers, adding more detail into our writing and using punctuation such as full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. Whilst not forgetting about applying our phonics.

Some of us will be continuing with the Read Write Inc program to help us become more fluent in reading and writing. We will be continuing to look at more complex sounds containing 3/4 letters and applying these in our work independently.

Handwriting and Spelling

In year 1 we do handwriting everyday. This a very calming part of our day which we carry out after lunch. We learn how each letter is formed and gradually move onto cursive handwriting getting us ready for year 2. 

We also have spellings which we recieve every friday. These are words that we must learn how to spell by the end of year 1. We are tested on these every Wednesday. 


Please continue to to fill in the green Reading Champion book each time you hear your child read at home or when you share their reading book. For every 10 occasions your child reads at home, this is recorded in their reading champion’s book and they will receive a certificate and a special mention in the school newsletter.

Important Reminders

In Cedar class we have P.E every Tuesday and Wednesday. For PE we need: 

Black Shorts

Blue T-Shirt

Trainers/Black Plimsolls

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