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Please find our Spring term news letter attached.

Wednesday 24th January we will begoing on a walk down sankey valley park as part of our science.  We  will be looking out for seasonal changes and wild plants.   Please remember warm waterproof coats and wellies.

Hopes and Dreams - textiles

As part of Hopes and Dreams week, Kate came to talk to us about textiles.  Kate works for a large textile company in America.  We loved looking at pictures of the factory in America and the huge looms y - we thought they should be called material machines!  Kate showed us lots of different textiles - sheets, pillow cases and tea towels.  Our favourites were the beautiful beach towels as there were so many different patterns, colours and designs.  Then she told us about warm and cool colours.  We used this knowledge to design beach towels for Kate.  Here are some pictures of Kate with the textiles and our beach towel desgins.  


As part of our topic "What would our ancestors think of Warrington today?"  We have been looking at - and creating - timelines.  First we had a look at the huge timeline in our corridor.  We found 2017, but we were amazed at how long the timeline was.  

We read "Once There Were Giants" and thought about how we had changed since we were born.  We have been talking about who are ancestors are and we thought about our parents and grandparents.   We hunted in the sand for the pieces to create our own timeline of human growth to show how people grow from babies to become elderly people. 

We looked at three of Mrs Baird's teddies and had to decide which was the oldest and which was the newest.  We then made a mini timeline to put them on.  Do you agree with our suggestion?  We worked with our teachers to find lots of clues to help us to decide.  After that we looked at some of the transport that we use today and compared it to what our ancestors used.   We then organised cut and pasted these onto a timeline all by ourselves. 

Poetry Day 2017

poetry day 2017 2

We loved performing our poem in front of the whole school to celebrate National Poetry Day.  The theme was Freedom so we thought about what this meant to us.   Here are the words of our poem which is by Jeff Foxworthy.   The photograph shows us pretending to stomp in a puddle.

Dirt on My Shirt          by  Jeff Foxworthy

There’s dirt on my shirt

And leaves in my hair

There’s mud on my boots

But I don’t really care.


Playing outside is so much fun

To breathe the clean air

And feel the warm sun.


To stomp in a puddle

Or climb a big tree

Makes me quite happy

Just look and you’ll see.

Hopes and Dreams - Visit by an engineer

Dr Baird is an engineer who works in a company that designs parts for racing cars, helicopters and jets.  It sounded really exciting!  We loved looking at the pictures.  He talked to us about his favourite shapes - he likes circles and rectangles, but triangles are his favourite because they are strongest.  Our favoutire part was when we could touch some aluminium parts.  He tricked us with three dumbells that looked exactly the same, but were completely different weights.  The magnesium was the lightest and the steel was the heaviest.  The middle weight was made of aluminium.  

Artefacts - sorting and asking and answering questions

As part of our topic we have been looking at objects that our ancestors used.  First we had to work out which objects were old and which were new, so we sorted them.  This was not as easy as it sounds and we had lots of discussion about this.   Once we had worked out which were artefacts from the past, we have been busy asking and answering questions about them.  Here are some of our questions.  Do you recognise any of the artefacts?  And can you answer our questions?

Spotting signs of Autumn

We talked about some of the changes we had noticed since coming back to school for this term.  We have to wear warmer coats because it is getting colder.  Some of us knew this was a sign that summer was coming to an end and it was the start of Autumn.  We decided to go for a walk around our school grounds to see if we could spot any other signs of Autumn.  We saw that some leaves have started to change colour.  There are still lots of green leaves, but we found yellow, brown, orange and even red leaves.  We are now on the lookout for any other signs of Autumn.  Let us know if you spot any!


During Autumn Term we will be asking "What would our ancestors think of Warrington today".   Before the holiday, we looked at famous buildings in Warrington and what makes Warrington a fantastic place to live now.  This term we have started to sort artefacts into "old" and "new" and looking at what people used a long time ago, and what we use now.  We have been drawing and describing artefacts and next we will ask and answer questions about them.   Here are some of the questions we will be thinking about this term.  Do you know any of the answers?  

warrington topic intor

In science we are learning about materials  We are investigating what different things are made of.  We have collected together a variety of things from around school and we are always on the lookout for something new for our science table.  This is also helping our history work as we are thinking about the material each artefact  is made from.  This often gives us a clue as to whether it is old or new.    

science photo(1)

Outdoor Classroom Day - orienteering

We have been applying our map and compass reading skills to orienteering.  We found all six controls on the maps of the outdoor areas in school - and cracked the code!  We also found our way around the maze of cones by giving our classmates clear instructions.  We used directions (forwards, backwards, left and right) and compass directions (North, South, East and West).  This was a great opportunity to use our listening skills too!

Outdoor Classroom Day - phonics games

A cheeky elf took some of the words we play phonics games with outside so we had to go and find them and then sort them back into their bags.  Luckily it was a sunny day so it was actually quite good fun.  Then later on at phonics club, we squirted real and alien words with water pistols!

In geography, we are learning to use simple compass directions (North, South, East and West) and locational and directional language to describe the location of features and routes on a map.  This week we gave each other directions to find our way around a map of Fairytale Land.  We had to use fantastic listening skills to make sure we went in the right direction.  It was quite tricky!  After finding our way on the big map outside, we followed smaller maps inside and wrote down the directions for our friend.

lrrh storymap.MOV

In English some of us are retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  We are using Talk for Writing to help us to remember the story, then adding in our own details.  We make a story map with pictures and actions.  This is the middle part of our story.  We hope you like it! 

There has been a disaster!   An evil dragon has destroyed Fairytale Land and Cedar Class has agreed to rebuild it.  We will continue with this topic throughout Summer Term.  In English we will retell fairytales and help the fairytale characters remember what their world was like.  We will help Jack learn about plants so he can grow a beanstalk.  In science we will learn about plants and the flowers that grow in spring and summer.  In geography we will learn about human and physical features in the countryside, towns and at the coast.    

Don't forget we have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Now the weather is (hopefully!) getting warmer, please make sure your child has a water bottle in school.  Don't forget to read with your child and work on their maths passport each day.  It is wonderful to see the children making great progress and they are so proud when they can show off the work they have done at home.  If you would like to help your child with phonics at home, check out the Alphablocks on cbeebies.  They have some great games and shows.  Or you could try www.phonicsplay.co.uk.  There are lots of free games on there.  Feel free to pop in for a chat if you would like more information.

In maths we have been learning about fractions.   We found three different ways to fold a square into quarters.  Can you find all three ways?

Chester Zoo

Our science topic last half term wasAnimals so for Science Week we headed over to Chester Zoo.  We spotted carnivores, omnivores and herbivores.  We could usually tell what an animal was likely to eat by looking at its teeth.  We heard the female lion roaring to the male lion and he replied.  We spotted camouflage - the cheetah was very hard to see when it went behind the long grass.  We had lots of fun standing on one leg as we pretended to be flamingos.  For most of us our favourite part was the bat cave, but we could not take any photographs in there because it was too dark!  

Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

In RE we talked about Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.   We practised flipping pancakes - and some of us are pretty good at it!

Art Day - February 2017

For Art Day, we took inspiration from the artist, Kandinsky, and used our knowledge of 2D shapes from maths to create our own Kandinsky-inspired masterpieces.  We loved the bright, vibrant colours Kandinsy used and enjoyed choosing our own.  By contrast, a small group produced some portraits in the style of Loongkoonan - a 100 year old Aboriginal Australian artist.  She also uses shapes in her work, but her colours are much more muted.  We produced portraits inspired by her work. 

We continued to work on our Arts Award booklets with our work inspired by Gail Stubbings.  We applied what we had learnt about drawing poppies and different ways of using pastels to create our own poppy field pictures.  These were inspired by paintings by Monet and Gauguin that we had studied at Gail's art studio. 

Bewsey Local History Society

We were delighted to welcome two members of the Bewsey Local History Society to our class last Friday to help with our topic 100 Years of Wonderful Warrington and the history of Dallam and Bewsey.  They told us about shops in Warrington long ago and showed us some photographs. We also had the chance to look at "old money" - the coins that were used before 1971.  It was all very complicated!  We also had chance to handle some more artefacts and try to work out what they were used for. Look at the photographs below and ask us to see if we can remember! 

Cedar Class in the Warrington Guardian

Some of you may have seen some familiar faces in the Warrington Guardian this week!  Cedar Class loved spending time with the Gail Stubbings at Blooming Art. We are looking forward to seeing our finished masterpiece!



Arts Award - artefacts from 100 years ago

As part of the Arts Award project and our topic "100 Years of Wonderful Warrington", we visited Warringon Museum to look at artefacts from 100 years ago.  First we looked at promotional posters from Word War I.  We talked about what we liked or disliked and thought about persuasion and which groups would encourage different groups of people to take part.  We then looked at household items from 100 years ago and tried to work out what they were used for.  We recognised the iron and fork, but we had never even heard of a butter curler or carpet beater!  Can openers today look a lot easier and safer!  We then produced observational drawings using a graphite pencil and chalk.

We learnt all about washday 100 years ago and were totally amazed at how hard people had to work.  We worked together to find out what each item was used for them and then sequenced them in the right order.  It was very tiring as all the equipment was so heavy! Check out our gallery of photographs below to see if we put them in the correct order!

Arts Award - Working with an artist - Gail Stubbings

Cedar Class is working with the Relationships Centre on a project "Us and Them and Way Back When".  This will be looking at children's lives in Warrington over the last 100 years, and particularly remembering the First World War.  As part of this project, we will be working towards an "Arts Award".  We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the artist, Gail Stubbings, in her studio - surrounded by her artwork.  Gail taught us how to draw and colour poppies.  We then worked with her to create a class painting "Poppies", taking inspiration from Monet.  Finally we designed and created our own medals ofclay that we inscribed with our names. 

100 years of wonderful Warrington

Over the next term we will be looking at how Warrington has changed over the last 100 years.  We already know some things about Warrington - there are lots of shops and places to visit; we love Warrington Wolves; and it is the best place to live in the world!  We also know that children played with different toys 100 years ago.  This term we want to find out more about life here 100 years ago - were there any shops? Was money the same?  What were the cars, buses and bikes like?  Did they have books, paper and pencils?  Who was the best Warrington Wolves player?  In science we will be looking at materials and will find out what furniture was made of 100 years ago.  To launch our topic we looked at some artefacts from World War I and II and talked about how pictures and artefacts can help us become history detectives.   

History - old and new toys at Warrington Museum

As our topic this half term is toys, we went to Warrington Museum to find out about different toys.   We looked at some very old toys that were too fragile to touch.  Then we had the chance to play with the sort of toys children would have played with one hundred years ago.  By then we were ready for our new challenge:  to spot at least three clues to work out which were the old toys and which were the new.  No problem for the Cedar Class history detectives!

Useful information

We have PE every Monday and Wednesday. 

Please make sure your child has a water bottle in school every day.    

Thank you for reading regularly with your child.  Encouraging your child to read for a short period (5-10 minutes) every day will make a huge difference to your child’s reading.  Children can change their books any day and we encourage them to put their books in the basket and to choose a new book.  Please do let us know if your child has forgotten to change their book! 

We hope you enjoy using the new maths passports.  Encourage your child to practise at home.  Your child will try to complete their challenges each week.

Science - Autumn Walk

In science we are learning about seasonal changes.  We went on an Autumn walk and used our senses to spot signs of Autumn.  It was much colder than in summer - we had to wear woolly hats, scarves and gloves to keep warm.  We saw that the leaves had changed colour since our summer walk.  Then they were green; now they are orange, red, yellow, gold and brown. We loved throwing them up in the air.  We squelched in the mud as it was much wetter and damper than in the summer - that was great fun, but we could not sit down for our snack like we had in summer!  Finally we turned detective and checked out the different shapes, sizes and colours of leaves.  We chose which we liked best and explained why.

Remembrance Day

remembrance day

On Friday 11th November at 11am we stopped playing and stood in silence for two minutes to remember all the soldiers who have fought - or are fighting.  We particularly remembered those who have been killed or injured.  Back in class we made poppies and talked about this symbol of Remembrance Day.


November and December 2016

Our topic for this half term is "Toys".  We will be thinking about toys that children played with at different times in the past and how they are different from the toys we like today.  We are very excited about our trip to Warrington Museum in late November for a workshop on toys.  Our class author for this half term is Mini Grey.  In science we will be thinking about Autumn - how the weather changes and what else happens in Autumn.  On our walk to Sankey Valley Park we will use our senses to explore Autumn. 

Hopes and Dreams Week

ross weights

Dr Baird visited us to talk to us about engineering.  He uses magnesium to make parts that go in fast planes, helicopters and racing cars.  Magnesium is a special metal as it is very light.  He tricked us!  He brought three weights that look exactly the same, but are made of different metals.  One is steel (which is heavy), one aluminium ( lighter) and the other is magnesium (very light). Can you work out which is which?

Nick shovel

Nick came to talk about the expeditions he leads to South America.  He brought in lots of gear so we could feel it to see how warm it was.  We loved the snuggle jacket, big orange sleeping bag and warm balaclava.  We watched videos of how to climb in the snow and saw an ice axe, crampons and ice pegs.  We also learnt about wee bottles and how to dig a toilet in the snow - we thought it would be better to have a proper toilet!

Nick elmetfireman

We also had a visit from the Fire Brigade who taught us about how to keep ourselves safe on Bonfire Night as well as all the work they do to keep us safe. 

Art day

Cedar Class had the opportunity to work with an artist to help them to develop their range of art and design techniques. They experimented with different colours, patterns, and shapes and thought carefully about the placement of the different shapes on the banner.  The huge size of the banner gave them a different perspective to that used in their artwork in the classroom.


maths sunglasses edit(1)

How would you work out how many of these cool dudes are not wearing sunglasses?  Would you use the same method used by one of our star mathematicians from Cedar Class or would you choose a different method? Can you challenge yourself to find other number equations in this family?

maths work edit

Maths and English

There are lots of maths games that can help your child to practise maths in a fun way.  Why not try some of these:

Counting & recognising numbers to 30

Number bonds

Place value


Top Marks


There are lots of phonics games you can play to help your child learn their letters and sounds. 


Click on Phase 3 or Phase 4.  Although you need to subscribe for some of the games, there are plenty of free games and these are the ones we use in school. We also have a range of challenges when your child signs in to the Cedar Class webpage. 



In science we have been learning about our senses.  We used a feely bag to identify objects by touch.  We tried with and without a glove, and it was much easier with bare hands!  We played listening games to identify different sounds.  We went on an "I spy" walk around the school to spot lots of different things.  We also worked independently to identify different foods just using our sense of smell.  As you can see, some of them were quite stinky!

National Poetry Day

The theme for National Poetry Day this year was "Messages".  We learnt a poem all about bells and imagined that the bells' chimes were actually messages.  Our poem is "Oranges and Lemons".  We sang it beautifully in our whole school poetry assembly.  We loved listening to the poems from all the other classes too - some of them made us laugh!


Welcome Back!

We hope everyone in Cedar Class had a lovely summer break and is looking forward to the Autumn as much as we are.  This half term our topic is "Once There Were Giants".  We will be talking about our families and thinking about how much we have changed since we were babies.  We had a fabulous summer walk to Sankey Valley Park last term.  This term we will be thinking about the changes we can see in Autumn. 


Cedar Class agree to help rebuild Fairytale Land


Surprise Visit

Cedar Class had a shock today when a tiny door appeared in our classroom.....along with a smell of smoke.  A tiny letter had been delivered through the door.  We took turns to smell it and look at the burnt edges.

Tiny letter

We tried to read it, but we could only make out "help".  The rest of the words were too small to read.  We borrowed a Grow Bag from Ash Class which made the letter big enough to read.

Help needed!

We found out that a terrible dragon had burned down Fairytale Land and the characters were desperate for our help.  We agreed to help by retelling as many fairy stories as we could.


Police Visit

The Police came to visit us to tell us how they look after people and make sure we all stay safe.  They let us borrow their bright yellow coats and smart police hats to try on!

They also let us go in their van. It was quite scary being locked in as it was very dark and there was not much room, but lots of us thought it was funny.  We shouted loudly!

The police had a serious message that it was important for us to do the right thing and make sure we never take anything that belongs to someone else.




We have been thinking about pirates and their ships in preparation for our trip to Swashbuckle!  Today we pretended to be pirates and described our pirate ship.  We had a long, heavy rope.


We also pretended to steer a pirate ship using a heavy steering wheel made out of metal with wooden handles.  We all had a turn to try to lift it, but Mrs Baird made sure we didn't drop it on our toes. 


We also held a long, heavy wooden oar.  We thought pirates would use this when they rowed to a treasure island to steal some treasure. 

English and Maths


We love to learn while we play and in Phonics some of us have been playing games to help us to learn our sounds.  In this game, we race around the board, landing on pictures with words.  We find the special friends, fred-talk the words and then blend them back together.  If we can do all this accurately, we can win a point.   


In maths we have been using arrays to help us solve problems.  An array is formed by arranging a set of objects into rows and columns.  Each column must contain the same number of objects as the other columns and each row the same number of objects as the other rows.  Can you spot any arrays around your house?

Chester Zoo

Last year we had a fantastic visit to Chester Zoo.  We went to a workshop and had chance to touch animal bones, skin, tusks and teeth.  Then we walked around the zoo and saw  lots of animals, including lions, elephants and chimpanzees.  Some of us were really brave and walked through the bat cave where it was completely dark.  We had an amazing day.



We had a fantastic trip to Media City in Salford to see the filming of an episode of Swashbuckle.  We can't tell you what happened as we are sworn to secrecy, but we had a fabulous swashbuckling time. We hope you enjoyed our singing and pirate salutes at the Cedar Class Assembly telling you all about it.

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