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Week beginning 13th June - phonics screening test will be taking place.  

It is very important that children are practicing their phonics daily at home.  Everyone was given a phonics booklet at parents evening.  If you need another one please ask.  Thank you for all your support.

Look whats been happening in Cedar Class.

This term, Cedar Class have thoroughly enjoyed our recent whole school and class events; dress, like a rockstar, world book day, church visit and making pasta salad in Design Technology

Saint Barnabas Church visit

As part of our RE learning we visited Saint Barnabas church, Lovely lane.   We took local transport there and had fun singing the wheels on the bus.  The bus driver and other passengers loved joining in.  Once we arrived at church the Reverend carried a baptism for.  We were all given roles as parents, god parents and guests.  She explain the steps of the baptism and why Christians wish to be baptised.

Design Technology; making pasta salad

As part of our geography learning we explored food from around the world.  We have also been thinking about keeping ourselves healthy in our jigsaw lessons.  Making rainbow pasta salad in Design Technology explores food from Itally and keeps use healthy.  We had lots of fun practicing our cutting and slicing skills.

World book day with the gingerbread man dance workshop

World book day; the gingerbread man dance workshop

Dress like a rock star - TTRS and numbots

This week in cedar class (week beginning 6th February) we have been busy making sandwiches as part of our Talk 4 Writing.  We will be busy writing instructions too.  We also enjoyed our first visit to the library at Bewsey and Dallam Hub.  We enjoyed listening to stories, exploring the books and learning how to borrow books.  Did you know reading and sharing books is good for our mental health?

Our library visit.

As part of our explore project (Geography focus) we went on a walk to explore our local community (Wednesday 2nd February).  We explored local aminities, different houses and homes, physical and human features.  Did you know that physical features are natural and human features are made by humans?

In week 4 of Autumn Term we explored the world using different resources.  We discovered that there are 7 continents and 5 oceans.  We are learning the names and beginning to locate them.

Meet Cedar class team....

Our Project this term

“What other living things exist?”

This term we will be creators. We will be discovering what other living things exist within the wider world and what the wider world looks like through science, art and music.

Our project will begin with referring back to our autumn project “How has Warrington changed?”  Where we looked at how transport has changed.  In autumn term we focused on George Stephenson and his Rocket.  This term we will begin our project with the story “The train Ride”.  The story is about a girl who goes on a journey on a train with a focus on all the things she sees on her journey.  We will be creating art work of various scenes such as the countryside, town or seaside. We will be looking at artists such as Monet (landscape art) and Sophie Ryder (sculptor of mystical creatures).  Moving on to music and studying Vivaldi and the four seasons.  We will explore how music can be used to express our weather and seasons.  In RE, we will be learning about Hinduism.

Everyday in Cedar Class........

Daily Activities; 4 a-day maths, handwriting and spellings

Every morning when the children enter the classroom they will complete their 4 a-day maths challenges, helping them to develop number fluency. They will also practise reading and weekly spellings.  It is very important that children are in school on time to complete such activities.  Tuesdays and Thursdays we work on our number fluency using Numbots.

We will be practicing counting to 100 forwards and backwards (in steps of 1s, 2s,5s and 10s). We will also be looking at number bonds and exploring the different ways we can make the same number. It is important that the children work on their maths challenges at home in order for them to become confident and fluent with addition and subtraction with numbers beyond ten. 

Maths at home

Children are expected to practice their maths challenge which is taken from their maths passports.  The staff test the children on their challenge weekly and when they feel that your child is confident and fluent with their challenge then they will move them to the next challenge.  When your child has achieved their target they will become a maths champion and get a special mention on the weekly newsletter.

Numbots - every child has a numbots account.  They all know their login details, so children can access their accounts at home to improve their number fluency.  Click the link below to take you to Numbots.


Phonics and Talk for Writing

The children will be continuing with the Read Write Inc program.  They are learning complex sounds containing 2/3/4 letters helping us to read more books independently and fluently ( set 2 and 3 sounds). 

Handwriting and Spelling

In year 1 we do handwriting everyday. This a very calming part of our day which we carry out at the begnning of the day. We learn how each letter is formed and gradually move onto cursive handwriting getting us ready for year 2. 

Children bring spellings home on Mondays to practice daily, using look, say, cover, write, and check method.  Spelling test will take place on Fridays.


If your child would like toast for snack please send £1 in a named envelope on Friday ready for the following week.  Your child is to hand it to a member of staff in the class.  

Website Links

Numbots helps your childre develop number fluency.  Their login detail are inside their reading record


Phonics play.  There are some free games in the resources section which are really good for supporting the learning of phonics.  For Autumn term please use phases 2 and 3



Please continue with reading with your child at home and record this in their Reading Record book.  The expectation is that all children read at least 3 times a week.  For every 10 occasions your child reads at home, this is recorded in their reading champion’s book and they will receive a special mention in the school newsletter.

Your child will bring home 2 reading books every Monday.  One book is a phonically decodable text which is matched tour childs phonic level. The other book is a trickier book for you to read together.  

On  a Friday your child will bring home a book from our class library to share with their family over the weekend.  Enjoy sharing them together as a bedtime story.

Important Reminders

In Cedar class we have P.E every  Wednesday and Friday.

For PE your child needs: 

Black Shorts

Blue Dallam Polo Shirt


Warm layers such as black/dark tracksuit bottoms for outdoor PE.  Children are expected to wear their school jumper in the colder months.

Children are expected to bring their book bags, reading records and maths passport everyday to school.  The staff will be checking their reading and maths daily where possible.

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