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Welcome to Cedar class (Year 1)

Meet Cedar class team....

Our Project this term

“What does it mean to belong?”

This term we will be geographers. We will be discovering what it is like to live in Dallam and where Dallam fits within the wider world.

Our project will begin with looking at our school within Dallam and what we like about it. We will using map skills to draw our journey to school and some of the buildings and landmarks we pass on the way. We will then be thinking about where is Dallam within the UK and the world.  We will also be learning how to use globes, maps and atlases to discover the UK countries, seas, the world continents and oceans. We will also be thinking about the types of houses and homes there are in Dallam.  As part of our project we will be going on a local walk around Dallam to look for human and physical features in the area. Furthermore, we would like to discover what other communities live within our Dallam community. 

Everyday in Cedar Class........

Daily Activities; 4 a-day maths, handwriting and spellings

Every morning when the children enter the classroom they will complete their 4 a-day maths challenges, helping them to develop number fluency. They will also practise reading and spelling the Year 1 high frequency words.  It is very important that children are in school on time to complete such activities.  Tuesdays and Friday we work on our number fluency using Numbots.

We will be practicing counting to 100 forwards and backwards (in steps of 1s, 2s,5s and 10s). We will also be looking at number bonds and exploring the different ways we can make the same number. It is important that the children work on their maths challenges at home in order for them to become confident and fluent with addition and subtraction with numbers beyond ten. 

Maths at home

Children are expected to practice their maths challenge which is taken from their maths passports.  The staff test the children on their challenge weekly and when they feel that your child is confident and fluent with their challenge then they will move them to the next challenge.  When your child has achieved their target they will become a maths champion and get a special mention on the weekly newsletter.

Phonics and Talk for Writing

The children will be continuing with the Read Write Inc program.  They are learning complex sounds containing 2/3/4 letters helping us to read more books independently and fluently ( set 2 and 3 sounds). 

Handwriting and Spelling

In year 1 we do handwriting everyday. This a very calming part of our day which we carry out at the begnning of the day. We learn how each letter is formed and gradually move onto cursive handwriting getting us ready for year 2. 

Later in the year children will have spelling tests therefore words will be sent home to practise reading and spelling.


If your child would like toast for snack please send £1 in a named envelope on Friday ready for the following week.  Your child is to hand it to a member of staff in the class.  


Please continue with reading with your child at home and record this in their Reading Record book.  The expectation is that all children read at least 3 times a week.  For every 10 occasions your child reads at home, this is recorded in their reading champion’s book and they will receive a special mention in the school newsletter.

Your child will bring home 2 reading books every Monday.  One book is a phonically decodable text which is matched tour childs phonic level. The other book is a trickier book for you to read together.  

On  a Friday your child will bring home a book from our class library to share with their family over the weekend.  Enjoy sharing them together as a bedtime story.

Currently under covid we are collecting the above mentioned reading books in every friday so they can be quarentined before giving out again to other children. 

Important Reminders

In Cedar class we have P.E every  Monday and Thursday.

For PE your child needs: 

Black Shorts

Blue Dallam Polo Shirt

Trainers/Black Plimsolls

Warm layers such as black/dark tracksuit for outdoor PE

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