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Welcome To Acorns (Nursery)

In Acorns you will find:

Miss R Downs - Teacher(1)

Miss Downs (Class Teacher)

Mrs S Arnold - Teaching Assistant(1)

Mrs Arnold (Teaching Assistant/ Key worker)

What Is Happening In Summer Term?


Welcome to our first term in Acorn Class.

This term we will be settling into our first term of Nursery and learning the routines and boundaries of the room. 

We will focus on the prime areas of learning making sure your children are secure in these areas:

Communication and Language development 

Personal, social and emotional development

Physical development

We will have a focus on independence skills teaching your child how to do things for themselves such as put on their own shoes, coat and puddle suit.


We use the Early Years framework  for guidance to teach your children. We will use a mix of Development matters and Birth to 5 to support your child’s development and learning. For more information about these documents see the links below: 



Project question: What happens in my world?

Our project is based around our talk for writing stories. This term we have two:  

The Gruffalo

In the first half term our story is: The Gruffalo

This story is about a mouse who goes on a walk in the woods. During his journey he meets different animals who want to eat him but the mouse is clever and tells them he is going to meet the Gruffalo. At the end of his walk he meets a real Gruffalo, he tells the Gruffalo that everyone is scared of him and takes the Gruffalo to meet the animals who run away. 

Check your tapestry for a retelling of the story and the story map to share with your child. 

In this half term we will be looking at changes in the world around us. We will look at the effect Autumn has on the trees and flowers and create art work using natural materials. We will also explore different celebrations including Halloween, Bonfire night and Diwali. 

Goldilocks and the three bears

The second half term story is: Goldilocks and the three bears. 

This story is about a little girl called Goldilocks who goes on a walk in the woods and finds a house. She goes into the house and tries 3 bowls of porridge, three chairs and three beds of different sizes. At the end of the owners of the house come home to find Goldilocks. 

In the second half term we will be learning all about people who help us. We will learn who to ring in an emergency and look at what the police, doctors and firefighters do to keep us safe. We will also learn who we can ask for help both in school and at home. 


We will compare different celebrations with Christmas and talk about how we can celebrate in different ways. 

Acorns Environment

Our classroom layout can change each half term to meet the needs of the children and link with what we are learning about. 


This term we have a new area called our exploration area where each week different enhancements will be put so the children can apply what they have been learning to practical tasks. 

E.g when learning about buildings the children can explore materials to build their own houses with as well as look at pictures and small world models of different houses. 

Communication and Language

Communication and Language is one of the Prime Areas of Learning in the Early Years Curriculum.

We teach the three aspects of this, Speaking, Understanding and Listening and Attention throughout all of our adult directed and child initiated sessions. Communication and Language skills are important for learning across the whole curriculum so it is vital that we get this right for our children. 

If you would like to see the expectations for your child's Communication and Language skills please see the attached "Small Talk" document. 

We may talk to you if we believe your child could benefit from some extra support from Warrington's Speech and Language services. Please feel free to ask any member of the Early Years team if you have any questions. 

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