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Designated Provision

Welcome to the Designated Provisions at Dallam Primary School

At Dallam School we have a Designated Provision for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder /Condition

  • An eight place KS1 Class for children from 4-7
  • A 16 place KS2 Designated Provision split into 2 classes.

Children who attend the Dallam Primary Designated Provisions are taught in a caring, nurturing environment where each child is supported to reach their full potential. The children follow the National Curriculum which is personalised to support the development of life skills, communication skills and independence.


Head Teacher: Mrs. Amanda Downey

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs Vikki Horner

Designated Provision Manager: Mrs Ann Harrison

Chair of Governors: Mrs Ashley O'Rourke

S.E.N.D. Governor: Mrs Donna Kendal

Please feel free to contact us on 01925 633 927

email: dallam_primary@sch.warrington.gov.uk


Who Do We Cater For?

All the children in Designated Provision classes have an Education and Health Care Plan (E.H.C.P.)

Funding and Admission Arrangements

Places in the Designated Provision are funded separately from the mainstream budget to ensure that we can meet the needs of the children effectively.

Places are allocated by the Local Authority and follow a submission to a panel of experts and discussions with parents.


We have a small, dedicated team of teachers and teaching assistants within the provision with a range of skills and experience.

We have high staff ratios within each class and typically there is one teacher and two teaching assistants within each class.

The People Who Will Work With Your Child


Teachers: Mrs Caroline Welsby / Mrs Vicky Hunt

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Snelson / Mrs Andrews


Willow Class (lower KS2) - Teachers: Miss Adele Boffey / Mrs Claire Brabin

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Conroy / Miss Van den Hoek/ Miss Ellis

Cherry Class – Teacher: Mrs Sian Frodsham / Ms Jemma Rich

Teaching Assistants:  Miss Moran / Mrs Percival

How Do We Fit Into School?

All of the Designated Provision classrooms are situated within the main school. The children have access to newly furbished and resourced classrooms and outdoor areas linked to each class.


We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school. It is our aim to support the children within the Designated Provision to take part fully in school life. All children are encouraged to attend assemblies and integrate for lunch and break times. 

Within the curriculum there are lots of opportunities to integrate with larger groups of children across school for PE, Spanish, Music and social times.

Individual integration for specific areas is arranged as appropriate for each child. This has resulted in a number of children being able to access most of their learning within a mainstream class.

The children take part in all school events such as residential visits, theme weeks, after school clubs, productions and much more. 

The Curriculum

The children follow the National curriculum which is personalised to meet their needs. We challenge the children to achieve by setting personal targets for English and Maths. Throughout the provision we also target and develop communication skills, social skills, self- help skills and independence throughout our activities, both planned and incidental.

KS1 - Holly Class

The children mainly follow a Foundation Stage creative curriculum where the emphasis is upon speaking and listening, learning through play and developing basic skills in literacy and numeracy. This leads into the KS1 National curriculum when appropriate for each child.

KS2 Classes (Willow and Cherry)

The children also follow the National Curriculum which is tailored to their individual needs and based around a topic. Activities are very practical, visual and language rich to ensure our children are able to access them at different levels. The children work in a variety of small group across the two classes to ensure that we can cater for their abilities and learning styles.


The children are assessed using a system that measures very small step progress and is monitored each term. You will be kept informed about how your child is progressing throughout the year.

Personal Profiles

All of the children have a Personal Profile which details the child’s strengths, challenges and strategies used to support them. The children will also have personal targets to support their learning and/or behaviour plans. These are used to address and monitor specific individual needs including communication, social skills and self-help skills. These plans are reviewed three times a year and written in a child friendly way. They will be discussed and agreed with parents /carers and discussed with the child.

Speech and Language Therapy

Many children in the Designated Provision have access to Speech and Language Therapy advice and programmes. The children are assessed by the Speech and Language Therapist who then provides a programme. This is delivered by the Teaching Assistants in class under the guidance of the therapist. This is monitored and updated regularly.

Specific Interventions

Across our provision there are members of staff who are trained to deliver a variety of interventions and teaching strategies to support the children’s individual needs. We also work under the guidance of other professionals working with the children to provide interventions. Here is an example of the interventions we have access to.

  • Read, Write, Inc. -Which is a structured phonic based literacy programme
  • Makaton signing
  • PECS - Picture exchange Communication System
  • Social Stories- to help children understand and deal with Social situations
  • Smart Moves – to support physical development
  • TEAM TEACH- Individual behaviour management and support.
  • Sensory Programmes

Additional Medical and Other Needs

If your child has medical needs or other needs, for example toileting or eating issues, we will work with you to develop a Health Plan or an Intimate Care Plan. We can then develop strategies, which are included in their care plan, to help your child manage their day with us. This might involve a special diet or support with toileting. All children have access to adapted toilets within the provision as well as changing and showering facilities.

Medicines can be administered by named staff in school with your permission.

We will also liaise with any additional agencies involved with your child to ensure that we are kept fully informed and are all working together.


We aim to work closely with parents and to involve you fully in your child’s education. We have an open door policy so if you wish to see us for any reason after school then staff will be available. For those children going home on transport we have a home school book or we will use phone calls home to enable regular communication between school and home. This is very important, as home school relationships are essential in helping children to progress and develop.

Parents are invited to whole school and specific designated provision events to enjoy fun experiences while having the opportunity to meet other parents.We have a termly parents' evenings to discuss progress and attainment and your child will recedive a termly school report.


We know that the transition from your child’s current placement to their new one can be a worrying time. We therefore endeavour to manage it in a careful, well thought out way. We make visits to see your child in their current setting. We meet with parents and teachers to share information and build up a picture of each child. We also invite you and your child into school for a series of visits to ensure that the child understands the process and makes a happy transition into our school.

You are welcome to visit our school and to look around our provisions and talk to staff to decide whether you feel that we can meet the needs of your child. 

Local Authority Offer

To find out about local services and activities available for children and young people with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) please click the below link or call 01925 442659,

http://www.mylifewarrington.co.uk  - ask ollie

Warrington SEND, Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIAS) is an organisation that helps parents, carers and young people with special educational needs in early education settings, schools and colleges. They can explain:

  • How the education system works
  • What early education providers, schools and colleges can do to help your child/young person.
  • What local authorities and other services can do to help your child/young person.
  • Your rights and your child/young persons rights.

They work in partnership with parents, schools, colleges, local authority and other service providers.


http://www.warringtonsendiass.co.uk/             01925 442978


Iain at     imacdonald@warrington.gov.uk

Karen at karen.howard@warrington.gov.uk


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