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PE at Dallam

"PE is fun"    "I love PE because I love balancing in gymnastics"    "PE is good for our mental health" 

"PE is good for use because it make us healthier"  "Tom is a good role model and PE coach"

"In gymnastics I have leanrnt to climb, balance and make new shapes"

PE News

During the week, of international womens day we wanted to raise the profile of girls in football.  Tom organised some football, skills and drills to give the girls a taster of football.  All the girls and boys loved it.  The girls said they would feel more comfortable taking part in football at playtime or in after schools clubs.  

Did you know that in warrington their are anumber of local football clubs that offer mixed girls and boys teams, as well as girls only teams.  Simply google 'girls football warrington'

Something very exciting happened over February half term....KS1 got a new playground that will help us to keep active.  We can now practice our climbing, stepping, jumping, hoping, balancing and spinning skills.  We were very excited smiley


We achieved the Silver games mark for the year 2018/19! We achieved the virtual school games award for 2019/20. This is for continuing with physical education throughout the partial closure of school due to Covid-19.

sports award(1)

PE Informaion

All children are expected to wear their full Dallam PE uniform for PE lessons. This includes trainers for all PE lessons and sporting events.  Black tracksuit bottoms can be worn in the colder months.  Gymnastics requires bare feet.

PE kit

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Upcoming Events

  • Thursday 10th March - Year 3 and 4 sports hall athletics (selected children)

Meet our PE team....

Tom Mellor - PE Coach                      Helen Wooster - PE Lead

What does PE look like at Dallam Primary School?

We are a real PE school.

real pe

In our other PE sessions with our teachers with develope our PE skills through real PE.

Wednesday - Tom leads our PE sessions.  Throughtout the year with Tom we learn Skills that we can apply through athletics, invasion games, gymnastics, wall and net games.

Thursday - Toms leads sessions with our reception class and our G&T KS2 pupils

Real PE curriculum maps

Gymnastics - Spring Term, Year 1.

Over spring term we have learnt to travel using high and low movements.  We have learnt to balance on our points and patches.  We have also learnt some some gymnastic shapes, such as pike, straddle and tuck.

Gifted and talented PE session - practising some of the events for the Warrington Schools athletics final.

Competitions and events at Dallam


Penathlon North West Regional ten pin bowling final, May 2022

Cherry class recently attended penathlon ten pin bowling event for children with additional needs. They successfully came first place, gaining a place in the North West final.  Check out the photographs from the final.

Warrington Schools Athletics final, March 2022.

pupils from years 3 and 4 were invited to take part in the Warrington Schools Sports Hall Athletics.  Everyone has a fantastic time and displayed fantastic sportsman ship.

Warrington Schools Athletics final, February 2022.

Year 5 and 6 pupils entered Warringtons small schools athletics competition.  We came first in the competition securing a place in the Warrington schools athletics final.  We came 12th  out of all the Warrington schools.  Whilst representing our school we displayed good sportsmanship and team work.  

WASP Inclusion event !8th November 2021

After school clubs at Dallam

Thursday - KS2 football club.

Past Sporting events and competitions

Athletics- January 2020. Team Dallam won their group stage and competed in the town finals!

Hockey- March 2020. Team Dallam came third in the Warrington Finals and competed in the county finals!

Year 5 and 6 athletics - January 2019

Year 3 and 4 athletics - February 2019

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