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  • Does my child have to attend school in September?

    Yes. The government guidance states that all children will be able to return to school in September.

  • I'm worried that my child may not feel happy or safe after such a long break away from school. What can I do?

    As the holidays come to a close, for some children, the thought of going back to school can make them feel anxious and nervous. Here are some things you can do to make going back to school easier and less stressful for you and your child.

    1. Chat about school in your ordinary everyday conversations as the holidays come to an end. Keep it light, keep it positive.
    2. Ask how they’re feeling about it and whatever they tell you, accept and normalise their feelings e.g. You're right, it is a bit nerve-wracking on your first day back – same for me and work. I bet the other children in your class are feeling exactly the same.'
    3. Plan a few interesting things to do in the evenings and at weekends in the next term, to give them something to look forward to and remind them that school is only a part of their week.
    4. Establish a routine ‘family feedback’ time which makes it normal for everyone to chat about their day, as well as the fun things that went on. This could be 'What was the silliest moment of your day? ' 'What was the most interesting fact you learnt today? '. Encourage your child to talk about how they’re feeling.
  • Will my child need to wear a uniform?

    Yes please. Our uniform helps to build a sense of community with our children and is designed to support them in their activities.

    Uniform is available to purchase from school or online. Please see our uniform page for more information

  • What time does my child need to come to school?

    We are using staggered start and finishing times to reduce the number of people on the playground at any one time


    Start Time


    Finish Time

    Seedlings & Acorns am


    Nursery Gate


    Seedlings  & Acorns pm


    Nursery Gate




    Nursery Gate



    Olive, Oak & Sycamore


    KS2 Playground


    Rowan & Maple


    KS2 Playground


    Willow & Cherry


    KS2 Playground




    KS2 Playground





    Hall Doors


  • Will school look and feel different for my child?

    We have had to prepare school so that we are compliant with the government guidelines. This means that all tables in classrooms are arranged in rows and facing the front and some of the soft furnishings and furniture have been removed. However, staff have worked hard to make the rooms just as welcoming with dislays on the walls and resources in the classrooms. School still looks and feels like Dallam smiley 

  • Will my child still be with their friends?

    Government guidelines published for September allow for larger 'bubbles' than we had in the summer term. This means that we have been able to put whole classes together again.

  • How will school ensure social distancing?

    The school has put in place all the recommendations given in the Government guidance documents. These guidleines acknowledge that social distancing for primary aged children is difficult and that children within a bubble do not need to socially distance from each other.

    However, mixing with other bubbles should be minimised. Therefore we have staggered lunch and play times and designated separate areas of the school grounds for classes to use.

    Staff will speak to children at the start of term to explain the rules and we have plenty of fun signage across the school to remind children and staff.

  • How will school ensure the classrooms and shared resources are clean?

    We have increased the number of cleaners in school to ensure toilets and frequently touched surfaces are cleaned throughout the day and all areas of the school are cleaned thoroughly at the end of the day. This includes tables, chairs and resources in classrooms

  • How will school manage lunchtimes?

    Children will eat their lunch in the classroom and each class has their own Midday assistant. If a lunch has been ordered from the kitchen, this will be brought to the classroom by their midday assistant. Lunchtimes are staggered so that some classes will eat their lunch first and then go out to play. Others will go out to play and then come inside to eat their lunch. If more than one class is out at the same time, they have each been allocated different areas to ensure they do not mix.

  • Will school lunches be hot or cold?

    Children will be able to order their lunch from their teacher every morning and parents will pay for this through their ParentPay account.

    The kitchen has a list of children that are entitled to a free school meal. These should be ordered with the teacher each morning in the same way.

    There will be 3 options to choose from each day - a hot meal, jacket potato or sandwich. Menus will be provided on the newsletter each week. Please take time to share these with your child so that they know what they want to order each day. Thank you.

  • My child is feeling unwell. What should I do?

    If your child is too unwell to attend school then please phone school on 01925 633927 and let us know.

    If your child (or any member of your household) is showing any of the symptoms of corona virus you must:

    • phone school to let us know
    • keep them at home
    • arrange for them to have a test by phoning 119 or following this link - Booking a Corona Virus Test
    • ensure the whole household stays at home and self isolates until the test result is known - here is a link to NHS website - How to self isolate

    The symptoms of corona virus are:

    • A new, continuous cough 
    • A temperature of over 37.8oC
    • A change in sense of taste or smell

    Do not enter our school site if you or a member of your household has one or more of these symptoms.

  • Can my child come back to school if their test is negative?

    If your child has had a negative test and is feeling well they can return to school.

    However, if your child still has symptoms of corona virus they must stay at home until the self isolation period has ended

  • What do I do once I have the result of the coronavirus test?

    Once you have the result of your test, please contact school immediately on 01925 633927 to let us know. Our office is open 8.30am to 4pm.

    Alternatively you can email the school office on dallam_primary@warrington.gov.uk

  • What should I do if my child or a member of my household tests positive for Coronavirus

    Please let school know immediately by:

    • phone - 01925 633927 between 8.30am and 4 pm
    • email - dallam_primary@warrington.gov.uk

    Your child and your household must continue to self isolate for 14 days and follow the advice of NHS Test and Trace

    Please do not come into school or onto the school site.

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