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School Council

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,"

Helen Keller

At Dallam we promote democracy by giving children first-hand experience of being involved in the decisions which affect them in school. The model we use for School Council is based on the British electoral system.

School Council is made up from two representatives from each of our Key Stage 2 classes. These representatives are chosen by an election that the children hold in their classes. During this election process children are encouraged to speak to their class about the areas they would try to improve. A further election is then held to elect a chairperson, secretary and treasurer. The elections take place at the start of every academic year.

Our current School Councillors are:

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Autumn Term 2017

This term the children have several topics which they are working on these include:

  • Fundraising for the homeless in Warrington. 
  • Name the Dallam Super Hero.    
  • Monitor and audit Behaviour around school.
  • Monitor snack time.
  • Autumn Clean up day.
  • Weekly uniform monitoring.

School council met with the Mayor of Warrington and learnt about his role.


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