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Hi Everyone and welcome back to Dallam Fm's web page. We are really looking forward to the new school year and have lots planned for our radio show.

We are going to be making 1 show per half term that will cover lots of things that are happening here at Dallam.

So sit back relax and get ready to listen to our upcoming shows.

We still have a few past shows that you can listen to below, but be quick as they won't be here for long.


The Dallam FM crew are:

  • Oak class - Owen, Ella and Chloe
  • Olive class - Levi, William and Jake

The above children shall be planning and producing a half termly show related to school issues with myself (Mrs Percival). Each radio show will then be put on the website for parents and children to listen to at home.

As we become more confident as radio broadcasters the children shall also be having a go at training up their classmates. This is so we can access a wide ranging pool of creative talent from our pupils.

Holly, Willow and Cherry classes are organising a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Research on 13the October. Please have a listen to our advertisement for it below:

Below is a show we recently did with interviews with a few of our Year 6 pupils about their upcoming move to High School and how they are feeling about it. We wish them all the luck in the world.


Our latest shows are below, please have a listen:

090217.mp3thurs190117.mp3show2.mp3christmasspecial.mp3year 6 interviews.mp3macmillanad.mp3

We at Dallam CP School are enjoying planning and producing our own radio show. We are learning new skills and building our confidence.

We are still using the skills that we learnt during our   brilliant training day with Russell Prue.

  • How to conduct ourselves in a radio studio
  • safety rules
  • operate a radio desk
  • make and record jingles
  • make and record beds
  • plan and produce a whole radio show

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